Our History Page

Francesco was born in Roma,1979,but grew up in Napoli,in the south of Italy.He moved to the UK in 2004 where he started working in the catering as a waiter,untill he discovered his passion for cooking and decided to follow and achieve succesfully a 2 years diploma in “Patisserie”.Francesco is trying to fully marry the philosophy of the british catering based on practicality adding to it the elements of taste and freshness typical of the italian cousine;he also believes that if you commit your heart to something,and you’ve got a good heart,you will succeed.
Salvatore  was born in Napoli and has always had a great passion for cooking.
After many years working as a waiter in Italy and England, in 2006 he started  his career as a chef in England,specifically in Saint Albans.
He currently works for a famous company of italian restaurants but has long had in mind to change something in his life.
This little project is just the beginning.

8 thoughts on “Our History Page

  1. Pastice says:

    Mi raccomando: non spadellare sui fornelli come fa quell’incapace di Gordon Ramsey… In bocca al lupo

  2. Edda says:

    In bocca al lupo, nn vedo l’ora di passare e provare una bella briosche 😉 bacione da tua cugina in svizzera

  3. Zio Francesco says:

    Non dimenticate che siete italiani e la nostra cucina in assoluto è la migliore avete il dovere di far gustare agli inglesi le nostre prelibatezze.

  4. bruno says:

    forza che vengo a darvi una mano da ottobre…

  5. Paul Basilio says:


    Your website looks great ,any chance you can deliver in South Sfrica.

    Just Kidding Paul (from South Africa)

  6. Hi Paulo
    If you book your chef…a ticket to South Africa i come and cook for you free from charge!!
    Lovely to hear from you

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