Nougat Montelimart (Recipe)










  • 420g  sugar
  • 120g  water
  • 120g  honey
  • 120g  glucose
  • 45g   egg whites
  • 60g  chopped cherries
  • 60g  pistachios
  • 30g  hazelnuts
  • 30g  flaked almonds


  1. Boil sugar,honey,glucose and water to 135 c
  2. Whisk egg whites until stiff snow and beat in the hot syrup.Continue beating until firm consistency
  3. Warm the nuts and blend into the mixture
  4. Puor the mix onto rice paper and then cover the surface with an other layer of rice paper
  5. Press down the surface with a weighted flat trey and leave until cold
  6. Cut into pieces with hot damp knife

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