Mirliton Tart (Recipe)


  1. 600g                     Puff pastry
  • Mirliton mix
  1. 2                                   Whole eggs
  2. 100g                             Sugar
  3. 75g                               Butter(unsalted)
  4. 100g                             Ground almonds
  5. 1                                    Orange zest
  6. 1                                    Lemon zest


  • Mirliton mix
  1. Cream butter and sugar till fluffy and pale colour
  2. Mix in the eggs a little at time
  3. Add the ground almonds,orange and lemon zest
  4. Mix nicely.
  • Mirliton tart
  1. Roll out the puff pastry  and line 5 buttered foil cases with it
  2. Poke holes with the fork and blind bake  in 200 c
  3. Cool down and cover the base with the apricot jam.Cover then with the Mirliton mix
  4. Press three almonds on the mix and bake in 180 c until cooked and firm at the touch

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