Fruit Delice (Recipe)

  • Fruit bavarois
  1. 250ml                         Water
  2. 250ml                         Sugar
  3. 6                                  Gelatine
  4. 250ml                         Fruit puree
  5. ½                                 Lemon juice
  6. 250ml                        Half whipped cream
  • Method
  1. Boil sugar and water to a syrup.Add the soaked and squeezed gelatine leaves
  2. Add the fruit puree and lemonjuice,let cool
  3. When half set,fold in half whipped cream
  4. Pour into moulds
  • Jaconde sponge
  1.  275g                       Icing sugar
  2. 275g                       Ground almonds
  3. ½ litre                     Whole eggs
  4. 100g                        Flour
  5. 75g                          Melted butter
  6. 325g                        Egg whites
  7. 50g                          Caster sugar
  • Method
  1.  Sabayon the icing sugar,ground almonds and whole eggs
  2. Fold in the sieved flour and melted butter
  3. Meringue the egg whites and caster sugar and fold into the sabayon
  4. Spread thinly on a trey with frozen stencil paste and cook in a hot oven
  • Fruit delice Method
  1. Cut a long stripe of the jaconde and lay it all around the ring.
  2. Pour the bavarois mix into the ring
  3. Let it set in fridge until firm
  4. Blow torch the sides of the ring and remove
  5. Finish with some personalized decoration

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