Dobos Torte (Recipe)


  • 8                         Yolks
  • 8                         Whites
  • 250g                   Sugar
  • 250g                   Butter
  • 150g                   Flour

Caramel buttercream

  • 500g                   Sugar(caramel)
  • 1tspn                  Glucose
  • 500g                   Butter
  • 8                          Yolks

Caramel(for top layer)

  • 100g                    Sugar


  • Sponge
  1. Cream the butter and half the sugar,add the yolks
  2. Whisk the whites and remaining sugar to stiff peak
  3. Add  meringue and sieved flour to the butter mixture
  4. Spread on the tray and bake until golden
  5. Coll and cut into 6 discs
  • Caramel buttercream
  • Boil sugar and glucose to soft ball(118 C),add with the whisked yolks.Once cooled beat in the chopped butter and add the flavourings
  • Dobos torte
  1. Spread the buttercream over 5 discs and build up,mask the torte
  2. Put a second coat of buttercream on the torte and comb scrape the sides
  3. Press toasted nibbed almonds half way up the side of the torte
  4. Spread the last disc with golden caramel(165 C)and half set
  5. Portion the caramel disc with a large oiled knife in a single rocking motion
  6. Pipe rosettes on each portion of the torte and angle the caramel pieces on each one

Large cake for 8-10 portion 17.00 Pounds


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